BurrPaw -- Burr, Seed and Sticker Remover

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  • Stickers and burrs are easily removed from irregularly shaped surfaces with a simple sweep of the hand
  • Effective for the removal of Cockle-burs, Stick-tights (Beggar’s Lice) and other common burrs on a variety of materials, even fleece
  • Folds for compact stowage
  • Easy clean up
  • Non-abrasive won’t harm delicate fabrics
  • One size fits all and can be worn on either hand
  • Non-abrasive won’t harm delicate fabrics
  • Saves valuable time over other methods of removal
  • Salvages clothing and gear deemed unusable due to stickers and burrs
  • Environmentally friendly product helps prevent the spread of invasive plants
  • Puncture resistant liner provides a safer alternative to the removal of stickers and burrs with your fingers*


"I am an avid hunter. I do a lot of cold weather hunting and wear wool clothing a lot. Every time I go out I get my wools covered in burrs. I always had a hard time removing all the burrs from my clothes. But after buying the burr paw I never have problems removing them. It really does work!"

—Howard K.

* Warning: Liner is puncture resistant, not puncture proof. Extra care should be taken when using this product on various types of stickers/burrs.

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